Friday, January 4, 2008


I am committed to embracing 2008 with reality-based optimism. Working together691222_fireworks_6 both from the bottom up and top down, I believe solutions and adaptations for the global problems will and can be found.  It is human nature to strive and overcome. 
The alternative to this optimistic approach to the world and its challenges is unacceptable.  A passive acceptance of doomsday scenarios is self-defeating. If you have children or grandchildren ( as  we do )  then you will understand that only reality-based optimism that addresses the environmental, economic, social, and political problems/issues facing our world can and will work in time to avoid cataclysmic events that will darken our world.

Bad things can and probably will happen, but they need not be the major determining factors in our lives going forth.
The goals are clear enough, but the strategies and tactics to achieve them are either indistinct, missing, inadequate, or…….. are in place and are already working.

So, if I sound preachy or polemical, I apologize.  Like Bucky Fuller, I believe that we are poised at tremendous opportunity for all to have a better world.  The operative word here is ALL.

Thanks. Ray

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