Monday, January 28, 2008

Mad River Snow...Hard As Rock

Dsc_0112 YUP, it was a beautiful day on Sunday, but the snow at Mad River glen was as hard as rock; and my poor old knees that have seen mountains and skis and bikes and tennis and soccer since I was a kinder said,”Don’t even think about it!” So, I didn’t. Instead I took pictures of granddaughters Avery and Lila skiing, sat in the thin sun, drank hot chocolate, and told my knees that they would be better when the sun was kinder and the snow softer---late February by my calculus.
“So, what’s it all mean, Mr. Natural?”
“ Don’t mean nuthin!!!”
But it does.  Mountains, and challenge, and raw, intricate beauty.  A way of life.  At times a recherch√© de temps perdu.  I love it.
So, the hell with knees.  The heck with winter.  Bring on summer and the boat.  Only kidding. I love the smell of ski wax being ironed on ( they still do that now and then).

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