Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Small_obama_image When you link reality-based optimism with hope you get O BA MA.  This is a man with brains, integrity, vision, courage, and vigor.  We need him---now!
America’s reputation in the world has been seriously damaged over the last 8 years.  Our economy has been trashed. Many of our people are bewildered as to how we could have fallen so far so fast.
OBAMA will be strong on defense, strong on the economy, strong on the rule of law, and strong on HOPE. He will address the environment, health care, and world-wide poverty.
HOPE is a real thing; it is the foundation of Darwinian development.  Strong goes way beyond strength in terms of muscles and body----humans are weak in the face of many other creatures. It’s brains, creativity, desire, and YES, HOPE that differentiates us as a species from others.
889868_eagle_glory_2HOPE not fear is the course we must be on.
For whatever it means, I endorse OBAMA for president of the US.  What a message it will send to the world.
I hope you join me in this.

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