Friday, January 25, 2008

Excellence Is All Around Us

Take a look at some of these people; my favorite of the moment is American skier Bode Miller.  Watch his win in the Wengen, Switzerland downhill.  Near perfection.

Whether it be in sports, the arts, sciences, politics or whatever, some rise to excellence, almost other-worldly in their achievements.  Persistence, patience, diligence, talent, belief, courage, damned hard training and trying, and even luck ( though not too much, it's unreliable) make the difference between being near the top or at the top.  It's also about being human and showing that there is opportunity for change and growth.
Here are some of the ones that spell excellence to me:
Humans are amazing  ----  and sometimes amazingly bad like Pol Pot and his ilk. 
Make up your list and send it along.  I'll post it.

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