Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Good Old Vermont

Snowy_road_vermont_usa IT'S SNOWING AGAIN.  So, what else is new?  Ten days ago we had 3' of snow around the house and almost had to tunnel the way to the bird feeders.  Then the temperature soared from -10 to 55 F.  Wow!  The melt was on, the snow pack was rotting on the mountains; the ponds and lakes were filling up; the streams and rivers were at flood stage.  The grass was showing all over the place.  AND the birds and the wild turkeys were happy.  In four days the snow went down to about 6 inches on the ground with bare spots accounting for maybe 45% of the land around our house and in the fields. The deer will like it; it will be easier for them to move about and get to browse.  The air smelled like spring and the clouds set up with gold/pink, blue underlinings.  Even the trees seemed to get a breather and began to look like they meant business.  Our cats went out. Whoop dee doo!  Brave that they are, but they retreated when the turkeys marched in to take over the bird seed on the ground.  Sometimes cats are chickens.  As I said, though, today it's snowing again.  Big, floppy-looking flakes.  There is no intensity in them; I don't think it will snow much. I worked on the wood pile yesterday and then watched Bode Miller win the  Wengen downhill.  I wished I had been there.  Enough, I have things to do and no place to go.    

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