Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Choices. It's All About Choices.

Choose Your Own Adventure is all about choices. In a way it is a simulation model, an approximation of reality without the risks of the real world.  You make choices leading to different endings.  If you don’t like the ending, you can start again with different choices leading to a different ending. 
We as individuals and as societies make choices all the time.  The history of our species is amazing: fire, numbers, alphabets or pictographic language, medicine, architecture, money and banking, art, music, laws etc. Choices got us there.  We are still making choices both as individuals and societies.  Not all of them are good---but, we can change the bad choices, we hope.
So, here is something that was sent to  me the other day.  Give it a listen. Send it on, if you wish.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Green Cup Cafe Waitsfield, Vermont

Vtmrvgreencup This is my second restaurant review.  This is another winning restaurant.  Small, intimate, excellent service and wonderful food. Flavors are fresh, scallops taste as though they were still in the sea, salads are almost a main course and are unique without trying for uniqueness.  If you want meat, the steak frites is excellent, and the fish is done so that the flesh remains true to the fish but never undercooked. If you want a large portion of twice-cooked ziti to nurture yourself, it is one of Jason’s mother’s old recipes and his family’s favorite.
     The wine list is small, well chosen and well priced. Desert?  Yes, more than equal to the moment.
    Prices?  For this food and this ambiance and the entire experience I would pay 50% more and not think about it.
     This is another  ‘run don’t walk restaurant.’

Friday, June 6, 2008


OBAMA.  What more needs to be said?  The world needs a leader, a person who can renew belief in humanness and decency.
Obama is just that.  Enough of venality, greed, dishonesty, and power- grabbing. Enough of war-making and preventative strikes  (neo-con).
Strong defense; strong leadership, fairness and leadership. Obama will give us this.
Here is our chance; and he needs our support as we need his leadership.
May the wind be at his and our back!
PS: For your reading enjoyment, a Washington Post article