Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ockham's Razor At Work

Vote Glass is both very strong and very fragile.  So is democracy.  We must never forget to defend democracy every day. I don’t mean with wars;  I mean with holding the feet to the fire of those elected officials who help run our country for us.  Remember, we don’t work for them.  They work for us.  Democracy is a living thing.
Do you know what Ockham’s Razor is or means?   In general it means: the simplest explanation tends to be the right one . (Thank you Wikipedia  -- my constant companion.)  So, don’t let the lawyers and the politicians fool you by saying, “We know more than you, so don’t question our decisions.”  When you hear that kind of approach, hold their feet even closer to the fire.
Look up the term democracy.  Look up the isms that are all around us. Our system works well; but it is fragile.
Without being too paranoid, remember this: one must walk with the perpetual qui vive of a paratrooper deep in enemy territory.
Oh, and as my old friend Bill Coffin said, “Always a patriot; never a nationalist.”  Think on that.

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