Friday, August 31, 2007

A Letter

Hey Everyone,
I will be out of town for the Labor Day weekend, which means probably a late blog on Tuesday.
Also, I got a letter last week that was so wonderful I wanted to share it.  I took out the names but here it is:
Dear Mr. Montgomery,

It was my hope to share with you a brief story.  During my childhood, I was
only a modest reader.  There was the desire to read, but I found that if I
wasn't hooked immediately into the story, then all was lost.

My eight year old son, unfortunately, suffers from the same problem.

The other day I was pulling down boxes from storage and I came across the
collection of CYOA books from my youth.  I recalled how these books helped
me through that time, by engrossing me through interaction in the storyline.

I decided to try the same process with my son.  As we've read together,
to my delight, it seems to be working.  I've recounted to him my love for
these books and we decided to look on the Internet and found, to my
surprise, you are a Vermont resident as well!

So please accept my thanks, not just for your influence in my desire to read
(and write), but my son's as well.  As a parent this has been a blessing.

Thank you.

All the best,
Thank you as well

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