Friday, August 24, 2007

Food For Thought...Or For Your Belly

Zucchini_2 THIS is about food.  Zucchinis are all over the place.  My garden at home has tomatoes, zukes, cukes, basil and lettuce.  The zukes are really good now for PASTA.  Yes, I mean PASTA.  Tastes great and has no wheat. After all, pasta is usually only a carrier for the sauce.  So, here goes:
•    A big zuke ( or several small ones)  peeled
•    Slice thin.  Then cut thin strips from the slice about the size of fettucini pasta
•    Boil in salted water for ONE MINUTE.  NO MORE.
•    Put on sauce, salt, pepper, whatever.
Wheat free, fresh pasta.  You will love it.  Don’t over-boil  -- it gets mushy quickly.
         You can make lasagna out of zukes, too.  Just slice big, wide, thin slices.  Use instead of wheat pasta.  Fabulous.
My tomato sauce (actually my wife’s, she’s a great chef).
•    Lots of tomatoes, cut in chunks
•    Olive oil
•    Salt and pepper
•    Garlic cloves mashed
•    Anchovies if you like them
•    Capers if you like them,
•    Mushrooms
Cook over 275 degrees  until the consistency is like a paste.  Enjoy.
I forgot!!!   Put fresh basil chopped up on all things---well, not ice cream, but then again…..who knows.

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