Friday, February 15, 2008

What Is Past Is Prologue

~William Shakespeare,  The Tempest, Act 11, scene 1
So, what’s new is not.  We’ve been through all of this before. Only the flavor changes.  The trouble is that the changes now have bigger and bigger implications---like the whole earth and all its inhabitants.
"YES, WE CAN!!!"
~Barrack Obama
Shakespeare2What a powerful expression of both the human spirit and the optimism that has seen us grow as a species.
It’s about will. It’s about recognizing that contrary to what Shakespeare said, we DON’T have to repeat the past. 
Change is like asparagus inexorably pushing up through fertile ground reaching the sun and air and rain.
Change is inexorable. Let’s get it right.
Ray   ( once again sorry for being preachy)

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