Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Keep Bumping Into Those Things I Was Supposed to Have Read, and Understood, In College

804360_33720836 “What?” you may ask and “Why?”
Milton’s Paradise Lost, Virgil’s Aneid, Goethe’s Faust, Dante’s Divine Comedy, the Old Testament ( dipping occasionally into the Vulgate), Shikibu’s The Tale of Gengi, and Shakespeare and Chinese novels and on and on into new things and new physics for the layman etc.
Why so busy? Why now and not then?  I guess because the world has never seemed so alive, full of opportunities and promise---and the darker side.
It also begins to make sense. At 4:30 am when I decide that sleep is no longer a possibility, Milton comforts me, Shakespeare’s Henry V and the St. Crispin Day speech invigorate me, and my two favorite cats ( we only have two) purr me into a cat nirvana.
Oh, there are many other books I will dip into ; no need to read every word, every page.  Sometimes looking at the mountains beyond my windows is more than enough; sometimes watching the birds at the ground feeding station at dawn tells me that the world is amazing.  Wouldn’t it be great to fly?
All the mags (The Economist, Foreign Affairs, the Atlantic, the NYT) take second place.  Even music need not interfere.  It’s a voyage beyond compare, a trip waiting for all, a treasure house.
Oh, oh!!  Back to my computer and incoming e-mails.
Marcello  (aka Ray)

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