Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Eleventh Dragon

Book_cover A number of years ago, I became fascinated by China after coming across a book of T'ang poetry.  Poetry never interested me very much, but this did--modern, powerful, evocative, spare, burningly beautiful. It was from the 8th century of the modern era.  So, I dove into history, politics, art, economics of this incredible very old culture, I'm still diving. One result was to write a full-length ( 450 pages) novel about modern China, its strengths and weaknesses.  Historically China has come together, fallen apart, come together.  And what now? Is it time to come apart again?  And what are the forces both internal and external that might cause China to once again divide?
I've decided to put up some sections of THE ELEVENTH DRAGON © R. A. Montgomery 2008 to see what you think. Here is the first part, the prologue:  
Download the_Eleventh_Dragon_Prologue.pdf

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