Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stick Season

Rain IT RAINED HARD THE OTHER DAY---FOR MANY HOURS.  The weather turned sharply cold, and the wind and rain stripped the trees. The ground is now a carpet of reds and yellows and browns.  Under the white pines there is a golden carpet of pine needles.  The clouds are angry and fast moving.  There is the sound of chain saws and the smell of wood smoke. I haven’t given up wearing shorts –not until snow stays on the ground.  But a heavy sweater is a comfort. 
     There is something special about fall—darkness comes early, a fire in the fireplace, butternut squash roasted with maple syrup, cheese made by local farmers. It’s early days yet. Winter will be long as it always is, but global warming is changing things.  We get snow later, the frost isn’t that deep in the ground, the big lake doesn’t always freeze over.  Some birds that used to leave winter over.
     How much of earth warming is our own fault?  Lots, I think.  Can it be stopped?  I hope.  Will we do it?  Will China and India?  Not unless we lead the way.  Thank you Al gore. If only…………

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