Friday, October 19, 2007

Five Percent! That's All!

235200_ballot What I’m talking about is the presidential primary system in our country.  It gets about FIVE PERCENT of the voting population involved in selecting the candidates for nomination.  The winner of the primary in your state then gets the votes from his or her party to go to the nominating convention for the candidate for the president of the United States of America. If you get enough votes from the primaries then you get to be the candidate for your party. ONLY FIVE PERCENT OF US CAN DETERMINE WHO IS A CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT!!!!
Well, that’ the way it works.  Are we all apathetic?  Is the system broken.  Don’t we as a nation care?  Is it self-selecting elitism?  So, do You want to give that power to only 5 % of the people?
Who are these people who “run” for office anyway? Can’t seem to tell much from the press and the TV shows.  We should ALL go to the primaries and PUT the feet of these candidates to the fire.
P.S.  I’m one of the guilty ones! Mea Culpa!!

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