Monday, October 1, 2007

Have You Ever Studied Latin?

I did in school years ago.
Puella, puellae --  Girl , girls Romantombstone
Hoc facto --- this having been done  (ablative absolute—what is an ablative absolute?)
Alia iacta est --- The die is cast –Caesar at the Rubicon
Et Tu Brute?  --  Oh, what fateful words
They say it’s a dead language; did you know that there are many languages today that are either dead or dying?  English as a lingua franca seems to be taking over.
What’s in a language?  The images of past and present with a  hope towards the future. The beauty or tragedy of a culture and its peoples.
Rhythm, sounds, passion, emotion.  Words can be like drum beats.  They can be like arrows.  They can be like gifts.
So, thank you Latinum.  In omnia paratus.

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