Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Well, Well, Well

WELL, WELL, WELL, THREE HOLES IN THE GROUND.  Cold up here; scant snow. Mountain as hard as rock candy.  Very few animals about.  Saw some wild turkey tracks under the pine trees where they browse for pine-nuts.  Spring, where are you?  But, I asked for it, years ago, when I moved to Vermont. I knew what I was getting into.  Still, I want to be on a boat in the Caribbean or on an island in the Gulf of Siam or tucked up in a nice apartment in Paris or Bologna.

Chanting Baby Monks
I’ve been thinking about energy and its flow lately: Electromagnetism, Gravity, The Strong Force, The Weak Force.  It’s all around us in the energy of people (the crowd at the Super Bowl, opera, pop concerts, excitement in a classroom when there is a good teacher and a good lecture, the feeling of unity over a cause (not always a good one: witness the great rallies held by Hitler in the 1930’s) the joy of people in love, kids, kids, kids. Yin and Yang.
Magnetic poles North and South. Batteries with positive and negative poles. Energy in the atom.  WOW!  I repeat: it’s all about energy.   Start with the Big Bang and move forward--except in space/time there is no forward.
MONEY. Yup, here it is again: Energy.   The flow of money keeps the world going; its stoppage or slowing causes problems.  Greed disturbs it.  People are motivated by it.  It spawns such nightmarish creatures as sub-prime mortgages and derivatives.  It drives people mad.

The energy I like best is the Sun, except of course for LOVE, the real energy in the universe.

If this offends you, mea culpa.

Ray  (it’s still cold out there. Yuck!!)

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