Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mother Earth Hasn't Given Up!

April 28, 2010

MOTHER EARTH HASN’T GIVEN UP! Not by a long shot. Witness the Ring of Fire, that chain of volcanoes that stretches in a gigantic arc in the Pacific Basin. Earthquakes and volcanic activity occur with great frequency in this region; but there are other zones or regions prone to this Mother Earth activity. The unpronounceable volcano in Iceland is just one of many.

This planet is alive, active, and amazing. We are lucky to be on this journey hurtling through space while spinning and twisting. What a ride!

Countries and airline companies, hotels, and businesses are complaining of the financial loss due to canceled airline travel. But how about the human benefit of people being thrown off their usual course and forced to make adjustments, meet new people, experience a different rhythm to their lives? Trains became important; buses; boats; cars. People shared spaces, ate in crowded restaurants, and met new people. Is that all bad? Of course not. People can thrive on adversity as long as it isn’t bloody warfare or devastating earthquakes that claim lives or hurricanes that destroy cities.

Mother Earth continues to surprise us even when we least suspect it. ( I haven’t mentioned plagues or killer viruses that lurk on our Earth. I just didn’t want to.)

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