Friday, April 25, 2008

Well, Well, Well, Three Holes in the Ground

I wish I could embrace the day with a really positive attitude; but I can’t.  The politics of this country dismay me.  Clinton’s mean, nasty, negative campaign is another smear on what used to be a country where decency and civility were the way of life. Not that politics and business were ever clean—they weren’t and won’t be. BUT…… the Clintons both Hill and Bill appear as old, political hacks.  We need better than this if we are to survive in this increasingly competitive globalized world.
 Small_obama_image     We just don’t seem to get it, do we?   Obama is a leader like Churchill, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Ghandi and the  Clintons rip and tear at him. We don’t want and don’t need more dynasty building--- 2 bushes and 2 clintons would be a disaster.
     Is it time for the nation to split into several different parts?  I hope not, but we are creaking along.
     On the other hand, Bucky Fuller in his wide open optimism said something like,  “Never has there been a time when humankind could do more for all than now!!!”
     Obama gets it. The Clintons and McCain don’t.

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