Friday, December 14, 2007

Let's Hear it for Books!!!!

No.1 son Ramsey who lives in Saigon teaches English to little kids, teens, and adults.  He has been  there for more than three years and loves it.  The Vietnamese are studying English because that is the global business language and Vietnam, though Communist, has embraced the market system and capitalism, as has China.  That is not surprising, the market system does work, not entirely, it needs government involvement in a Keynesian way as long as it is not too heavy, and don’t overlook that the globalized economy works on market principles.
     Ramsey has an apartment, two cats, and a passel of Vietnamese friends as well as Australian, French, andOffee_break_02 German ex-pats.  It’s a vibrant world, filled with energy and hope.  It’s a great place to be despite its recent past. The wounds are real, but life does go on and the tone is positive.
     The other day he called and said that he would like to open a used bookstore in Saigon ( HCMC) serving ex-pats, tourists, back-packers, and Vietnamese.  “Dad, people love books!!!  They’ll never go out of style!”
     Then he spoke with Shannon enlarging on the plan.  “Shan, I could run a coffee/tea house on another floor and have book discussions and poetry readings.”
     Right on, Ramsey, right on! As we used to say.  He has his finger on the pulse of the  world from a rapidly emerging developing country to the ex-pats, to tourists.  He’s rights:  BOOKS ARE GREAT!!  YOU CAN HOLD THEM. FEEL THEM.  READ THEM AND RE-READ THEM.
     So, let’s hear it for books.

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