Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Global Warming Is Real Despite...

Cimg0808 The fact that we have 22”s of snow in front of our house.  It’s winter.  The skiing is great---according to son Anson and granddaughter Avery who are powder unicorns ( pigs to the rest of us).  Where do I fit into this wintry mix?
     Well ( a terrible way to start a sentence), I’ve skied since I was 3 on the hill behind our house.  I floor waxed my skis.  I climbed.  Well, many years later I still wax my own skis, but I’m afraid that I’m waiting for sunny, warmer days.   Do I feel guilty? Yes, I do. Should I?  Whatever, dude. Spring is on its way, believe me. I’m a FEBRUARY SKIER.
Wild_turkey     In the trees in front of the windows facing the mountain ( floor to ceiling glass) , sit 9 wild turkeys waiting for me to spread corn and sunflower seeds for the little birds.  They then waddle in and gobble down.  I now put seed for the little birds on an outdoor summer table.  They are all happy.  When it snows I have to re-fill all the time. Last week a young moose came by.  What bio-diversity!
     Hey, how about the Bali conference!  Cut back.  Now!!  OR …  maybe we can coax a Wormhole to drift by and we can dump all the CO2 junk into the Wormhole. It will then emerge on the other side of the space/time continuum.  Serves them right over there.
     The Christmas spirit is growing. 
~Marcello (Ray)

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