Tuesday, November 20, 2007


EVERY DAY!  I mean every day we take in oxygen we are giving thanks to the universe for the gift of being alive. I recently said to a loved one that hatred and anger have no place in our lives.  These two twins erode and destroy—they must be put in a sealed box and pushed far away from us.  Thanks fills us up and allows us to live with happiness, boredom, disappointment, excitement, sadness , and hope.

Every culture has its way of being thankful even in the midst of deprivation or tragedy. One day of thanksgiving is not enough; every day is just about right.

Here is a quote from William Sloane Coffin, Chaplain of Yale University during the Vietnam War days, civil rights activist, and practitioner of political theology.
     Socrates had it wrong; it is not the unexamined but the uncommitted life that is not worth living. Descartes too was mistaken; ‘Cogito Ergo sum’—‘I think therefore I am’? Nonsense. “Amo ergo sum’? I LOVE THEREFORE I AM.  Or with unconscious eloquence St. Paul wrote, “Now abide faith, hope, love, these three; and the greatest of these is love.”
     I believe that. I believe it is better not to live than not to love.

                                          W. S. Coffin   CREDO

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