Friday, November 30, 2007

CARPE DIEM Seize The Day!!!!

Beach So, only three more days in Jamaica.  The wind was high this morning and the sound it made in the palms was a gentle sighing, comforting and full of promise.  I was up with first light and in the water looking at the high, whipped cream clouds tinged with light yellow and crimson.  I felt as though I was merging with the water and the clouds and the sky.  I didn’t know where I  began and where they were.  I felt that the day was actually seizing me. Soon I will be back in Vermont; and oddly I am ready for the return and the re-entry into our world of writing and publishing and sales and all the flotsam and jetsum of life and business and fretting and exulting.
     Idleness does not sit well upon my shoulders. Oh, sure, I’m not a driven obsessive; but I always have a project or two that I like to get to each and every day.  Down here in Jamaica it has been to learn 5 new words of Italian each day.  Shannon and I test each other by reading the words or phrases out loud and asking for a translation.  She is much better at it than I am.  D’accordo.
     Being in a new place allows us to take off our turtle shells and risk sharing confidences and life stories.  Often the reward is to discover how easy it is to make friends, to learn from each other, to commiserate  perhaps, and to enjoy that communion of being human and alive and engaged.
     So, carpe diem to all of us!  A piu tarde.
Marcello  ( a.k.a. Ray)

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