Sunday, December 7, 2008

What Is It About Politics That...

gets people angry, polarizes them, makes us forget our basic humanity, gets us all together, clarifies issues, blurs issues, divides a country?  Why?  We are in the midst of that silly season of primaries and debates. Things get honed to a fine or a dull point.  Yet, do we miss the point of it all?  The will of the people.
I'm just back from a break in Jamaica where the reality of US politics was reduced for me to the value of theDollar_origami_4 dollar vs the Euro; the price of a barrel of oil; and who won the Patriot's game.  Yuck!!  Now I'm back and in the fray what with the Clintons, the Bushes, Obama,  Mitt, Julie- somebody and a host of others that
seem to muddle up and grow together.   Wow, is this what survival of the fittest is all about.  If so, we are doomed.  Only kidding.  I'm sure we're doing our best.  I just hope it works; there are a lot of decisions out there waiting to be made.  Unfortunately we seem (we being the people of the world) to mistake TACTICS for STRATEGY and forget setting a GOAL.  People want to know how we can "wipe out terrorists," keep oil cheap,  put off the days of reckoning with global warming, and get a low interest rate mortgage  that will never change. To keep the roadsides clean, you make bottles have a returnable deposit, not just hire people to pick them up.  We are picking up bottles all over the world.
The heck with politiickss!!!!   Here is my advice if you live in the North country:
    1) Wear a hat during the winter.
    2) Wash your hands 8 times a day (at least) while repeating the alphabet.
    3) Clean the keyboard of your computer twice a week.
Ignore all the above except for the last 3 things.

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