Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Town Meeting Day

Rockwell_freedomofspeech Yes, we still have town meetings in Vermont but they have been eviscerated by the state.  What’s new about that? Big government wants all the power all the time.  So, a few years back they—the state legislature—passed an act called Act 60 that took the power of towns to run their own schools away from the towns. It was all about money and power although they put up a good argument that it made education more equal to all in the state.  Good goal; horrible strategy.  State 100, Towns ZIP. 
     But we still get together to argue about the road budget, the municipal buildings budget etc. Whoop dee do!  However, we can now focus on things like conservation and global warming.  The town meeting becomes a focus for group discussion about these important areas; and you would be surprised at the level of sophistication brought to the table. 
     The state might try to kill the power of the towns---meaning people—but they have never figured out that people do count, and that people will like a meandering river find away around the blockages formed by the state.  Yea for us!  One and all.
     Remember, bottom up is more powerful than top down! 
We also had a Primary in Vermont today.  I know that Obama will win.

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